How Employers Benefit from Using a Staffing Agency

Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies can be a valuable resource for employers. By using a staffing agency, employers can access a larger pool of qualified candidates, reduce costs, and improve their company’s efficiency.

The benefits of using a staffing agency can help your business grow with more efficient employee acquisition. Selecting the right staffing agency can save time and money and give businesses access to a larger pool of potential employees.

As the world of work changes, more and more employers are turning to staffing agencies to help them find the best talent for their open positions. Several reasons are using a staffing agency is a win-win for employers.

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a company that helps employers find temporary or contract workers to fill open positions. Staffing agencies typically have a large pool of pre-screened candidates and help employers quickly find the best fit for their needs.

There is a difference between a staffing agency and a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency is a company that helps employers find permanent employees. Staffing agencies only provide temporary or contract workers.

Services offered by a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies can provide a variety of services to employers. These include:

Permanent placement

A staffing agency will recommend the best candidate for an open position and help get them hired on as permanent employees. Temporary or contract workers will typically work under this agreement until the employer files the role permanently or decides that they no longer need it filled.


Temp-to-hire is a service where a staffing agency provides a temporary worker to an employer to hire them permanently. If the employer likes the worker and engages them, the staffing agency will help transition them from temporary to permanent.


Some employers outsource specific projects, services, or functions to a staffing agency. This may include hiring an outside company for bookkeeping, flooring installation, etc. Sometimes, this is done as a cost-saving measure, and in other cases, it’s done to free up precious resources that belong to the employer.

Many employers cannot successfully recruit or place qualified candidates into their open positions. Staffing agencies solve this problem and help employers find quality talent reasonably priced.

Staffing agencies allow employers to run their business while finding the best talent available in the marketplace. This is especially helpful for small businesses, which might not have the extensive recruiting or human resources department that larger companies possess.

Employers benefit from using a staffing agency because it allows them to focus on running their business, giving them access to qualified professionals who will help improve efficiency and productivity. This also ensures that employers get the best talent available for their open positions.

The Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

There are several benefits of using a staffing agency to employers:

1. Speed

Staffing agencies can help employers quickly fill open positions with the best candidates. They have a large pool of pre-screened candidates and can soon find the right person for the job.

Imagine a company looking to hire engineers. They might put up a job ad and receive hundreds of applications. It would take them a long time to go through all of those applications and find the best candidates. A staffing agency could provide the staffing agency with their requirements, and the staffing agency would do all the work for them.

2. Cost-effective

Staffing agencies are often more cost-effective than hiring employees directly. They charge a fee for their services, typically less than the cost of hiring an employee outright. This can be especially helpful for small businesses that may not have the resources to hire employees directly.

3. Expertise

Employers don’t have to worry about the time and resources involved in finding and hiring new employees when using a staffing agency. Staffing agencies typically pre-screen all candidates for employers, saving them time. They only send the best matches back to the employer.

Many staffing agencies also provide training on top of their recruiting services. This is another benefit that hiring employees directly doesn’t offer employers.

4. Flexibility

These agencies often offer flexible services. They can help find temporary workers for quick projects or contract workers for longer-term projects. Staffing agencies can also scale their services up or down depending on the employer’s needs, which is why many employers who used to hire employees directly are switching to staffing agencies.

5. Availability of specific skill sets

They typically have a pool of pre-screened candidates, which means they have many distinct skill sets available for employers. Even if an employer has a very specialized need, the staffing agency will probably have a candidate who meets their needs.

6. Less footwork

If you are an employer, you likely know that recruiting new employees can be highly time-consuming. There is a lot of communication between the employer and the prospective employee throughout the hiring process. Staffing agencies take care of this communication for employers, saving them a significant amount of time.

7. Better fit for companies with specific needs

Many staffing agencies have a niche. This means that they have a lot of experience matching candidates with specific job requirements. For example, there are staffing agencies that only hire nurses or engineers. This is an enormous benefit for employers who have particular needs and don’t want to spend the time and energy recruiting employees themselves.

8. Expertise in specific industries

Since staffing agencies often operate within niche industries, they gain expertise and knowledge about those industries. They can be especially beneficial for companies that need to hire employees for a new sector. This could involve hiring people from different countries, cultures, etc.

9. Less risk for employers

There is a risk with hiring employees directly: the employer must take a chance on an unknown person. A staffing agency can tell them what they need and let the staffing agency do all the work for them. This takes the pressure off of employers since their costs are fixed and won’t change whether the employee works out.

10. Easier to terminate an employee

If an employer needs to fire an employee, it is often easier to do so if they hire them through a staffing agency. This is because staffing agencies typically have contracts with their employees that state that the employee can be terminated at any time, for any reason. This is a huge advantage for employers who need to make quick decisions about layoffs.

How to select the right staffing agency

The following are essential things to look for in a staffing agency:

1. Candidate sourcing strategy

It is essential to know how the agency finds its candidates. Some agencies use a passive approach, which means they wait for candidates to come. Other agencies use an active process to search for talented candidates proactively.

2. Industry specialization

Another important consideration is whether the agency specializes in one or more industries. This could be very beneficial for employers if they need employees with a specific industry background.

Also, ask the agency about their screening process. What kind of interviews do they conduct? How do they check references?

3. Successful placements

The agency’s track record is also essential to look at. Ask for statistics on how many placements the agency has made and how long those placements have lasted. This will give you an idea of the agency’s success rate.

4. Size of the agency

When selecting a staffing agency, it is important to consider the agency’s size. Some agencies are tiny, while others are quite large. Consider what would be the best fit for your company. A smaller agency may be more personal and better understand your specific needs, while a more prominent agency may have more resources.

5. Length of service

The agency’s length of service is also important. The longer they have been in business, the more likely they are trustworthy and successful.

6. Fee structure

Finally, it would help if you asked about the fee structure of the staffing agency. You want to make sure that there are no expensive contracts or surprises when it comes time to pay for services.

In Summary

Many benefits come with using a staffing agency. Some of these benefits include cost savings, expertise, flexibility, and the availability of specific skill sets. Staffing agencies are also experts in particular industries, benefiting companies hiring employees for a new sector. Finally, it is typically more accessible for employers to terminate employees hired through staffing agencies.

If you are an employer looking for help to hire new employees, you should contact a staffing agency. If you are an employee looking for work, you should be honest with the staffing agency about your skills and experience to best match you with a job that is a good fit for you.

Remember, there are many benefits to using a staffing agency, so be sure to research your options before deciding.